"To Hajin!" / 2018

Entrenched in its last bastion in eastern Syria, the Islamic State plays its final hand. If the defeat of the jihadist organisation now seems inescapable, the outcome of the “Al-Jazeera Storm” campaign (alias Operation Roundup) led by the United-States and their partners on the ground, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), is not yet a foregone conclusion.

You can read this report from the frontline on the website of L'Orient-Le Jour and Unsighted.

B.13. Baghuz Frontline.jpg
B.8. Baghuz Frontline - Commandant du poste FDS - Voitures suicide.jpg
B.10. Baghuz Frontline - Soldats FDS - Voitures suicide.jpg
B.1.2. Baghuz Frontline - Soldats FDS.jpg
A.3. Hajin Frontline - Ali.jpg
B.3.2. Bahuz Frontline - Forces spéciales U.S..jpg